1-OOH-1 Workshops

A series of 4 x 1 day workshops, designed to deliver the '101' on digital and classic Out-Of-Home advertising.

These 'bite size' workshops are designed to bring anyone up to speed with the essential knowledge required to get the best out of the advertising world's oldest and most trusted channel of posters and billboards.

The 1-OOH-1 workshops collate, and independently re-reference, over 15 years of knowledge gathered in technical, operational, commercial and marketing roles in the global Outdoor Advertising industry.

The courses can be delivered together, or as stand alone modules are are available worldwide.

Please get in touch for availability & pricing

Audience 1-OOH-1

Discover the definitions, metrics and methodologies that help you to plan, optimise and attribute an outdoor advertising campaign to your target audience.

Inventory 1-OOH-1

Understand the key concepts of outdoor media inventory from 'Location & Time' to 'Audience' and gain advantageous insight into the theories of inventory planning, allocation and optimisation

Commercial 1-OOH-1

Master the commercial aspects of the Outdoor Media ecosystem from 'brand to land' covering the product, policy, trading and pricing principles that will underpin an annual global media spend of $38bn in 2020

Automation 1-OOH-1

In-depth look into the application and workings of automated trading models such as 'Guaranteed Direct' and 'Real Time Bidding' along with worked examples of IAB Technical Standards including OpenDirect and OpenRTB