Knitting Services

Since the birth of digital advertising Knitting Media’s consultants have been at the forefront of each wave of technology transformation. Working for and with all the biggest out of home players and industry bodies to define standards and influence how the industry works.

Focusing on the ‘nuts n bolts’ required to deliver strategic solutions, we have set the standards in ad-tech into Retail, Roadside, Spectaculars, Airports, Rail and Hospitality. Each with its own unique commercial drivers and challenges. 

There are a myriad of technology providers and platforms who offer pieces of the ad-tech jigsaw, none provide the whole “buy – sell – deliver” picture. Knitting Media specialise in putting the right pieces together to make that easy and drive value. Campaigns that meet commercial goals as slick and automated as possible. We have worked with and knitted together most of the tech providers in the out of home space. If it doesn’t exist, we build something bespoke.

We knit together functions such as campaign planning, automated audience selling, dynamic ad-automation, ad-delivery, network health, in-flight adjustment, campaign performance, client verification and billing and all the bits in-between…. All into a seamless process, in any outdoor environment.

We offer our expertise, experience, and knowledge in a variety of ways:

Our technology experience is broad, our approach is pragmatic, and we are approachable people. Reach out. If we can help you, we will.

Connectivity Scripting 

Data Warehousing

Audience Segmentation

Analytics & Visualisation

Data Activation