About Knitting.Media

Knitting Media was founded to stitch together existing AdTech and MarTech tools to traditional media channels such as Out-Of-Home, Radio, Print and TV, giving Brands and Advertisers a seamless solution for connecting their 'Below The line' customer engagement systems to 'Above The Line' traditional broadcast media channels.

Knitting Media is not about creating convoluted new platforms or technology hurdles, but it is about innovatively threading existing solutions and services together to make cross-channel media planning, buying and attribution work properly.

This is a mighty ambition for such a small independent company, but large tapestries always start with one thread.

Knit One

The first thread for Knitting Media is education. This takes the form of the 1-OOH-1 Workshops which are designed to introduce the traditional media channel of Outdoor Advertising (Also known as Out Of Home, Billboard or Poster advertising) to the world of AdTech and MarTech. The courses exposes the DNA of Outdoor Advertising like a series of knitting patterns, making future marketing and technical integration a darn sight easier to evaluate and tie together. Check out the 1-OOH-1 workshops here.

Knit Two

The second thread is currently being woven amongst the international 'Demand Side Platform' and 'Data Management Platform' community, so if you are a Brand or Agency who would like to extend the reach and productivity of your 'Customer Data Platform', 'Automated Marketing Tools' and/or 'Media Buying Platform' to the top of the marketing funnel, with the minium of friction, please get in touch here


About the Founder

Tim Harvey MSc BEng (Hons) has worked for 15 years in the advertising industry in senior Operational, IT and Commercial roles, winning industry awards and recognition for AdTech innovation and creativity.

Tim’s focus as Director of Business Transformation at JCDecaux was on driving the innovation, design and delivery of the ‘SmartBRICS’ suite which transformed the traditional Out-Of-Home media sales model into an automated objective and audience led dynamic powered by ‘Big Data’, opening JCDecaux to new trading markets and revenue growth. Based on UK commercial success, the SmartBRICS planning, trading verification product was rolled out throughout the JCDecaux global group and subsequently positioned as an independent SSP platform called VIOOH, an open, independent and global marketplace for out of home media.